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About Deviant Artist .::Love Me Cancerously::.Female/United States Recent Activity
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.::Look Beyond Color::. by TheVampiricNazi .::Look Beyond Color::. :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 2 0 .::Embrace::. by TheVampiricNazi .::Embrace::. :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 2 0 .::Look Beyond::. by TheVampiricNazi .::Look Beyond::. :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 2 0 .::Fading Away::. by TheVampiricNazi .::Fading Away::. :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 1 0 .::Angelic::. by TheVampiricNazi .::Angelic::. :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 1 0 My Creaturez :D by TheVampiricNazi My Creaturez :D :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 2 7 My New Desktop by TheVampiricNazi My New Desktop :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 2 5 The Joker + Breaking Dawn by TheVampiricNazi The Joker + Breaking Dawn :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 2 8
Dear Assholes.
You are one of the very reasons why I hate humanity.
You surf the Internet, lurking forums and websites,
Waiting and watching for the chance to flame, argue, and cause strife
For any and all of the online community.
You think you’re the greatest.
You think you’re superior.
You think your shit smells like roses.
Well, I have a newsflash for you:
Your shit smells like everyone else’s.
Your penis is small.
Your boobs are tiny.

And I know this because I observe your kinds behavior;
You feel the need to overcompensate for what you lack in physical attributes, reality, or self-esteem.
You put other people down.
You drop in and crash the party just for the pure joy of seeing
Everyone around you seethe in anger and spit out vulgarities,
Because you want the attention.
Crave attention!
What, your parents didn’t hug you enough as a child?
You got beat up by the neighborhood bullies?
You feel the need to belittle others
:iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 18 36
Life.Is But A.Dream
The worst is over,
The violence has ended,
And I know this, for as I gaze around me
All I see is smoke and rubble,
Remains of once tall buildings and cars,
Roads and traffic lights…
As the dust begins to clear, I see the sky
The thick, heavy rain clouds adding to the ominous atmosphere.
I can now see the bodies…oh the bodies,
People I once knew and shared this world with…
People I hated, for their very existence was an evolutionary mistake.
A mere blip on Earth’s history.
Yes, the planet has been liberated…
I have been liberated,
Free from the expectations of society,
Free from the meaningless existence that was my life,
Free from rules,
People and judgment!
A dream come true, heaven, nirvana,
Nothing can describe this absolute bliss I feel!
Humanity is gone, and once again the world can move on,
And finally recover from the deathbed we put it in.
And I…I can finally rip off this mask,
Break the chains that hold me down,
And face the world
:iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 7 5
The Tormentor by TheVampiricNazi The Tormentor :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 4 15 Emo Desktop? by TheVampiricNazi Emo Desktop? :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 4 9
You sit there, laying in your cage on the makeshift bed,
Passing the time by contemplating life and listening to the kittens pitter patter above your head.
It's days like this you wish you had a home,
And not some store where the humans roam.
That's when I see you, laying there,
Watching and waiting for someone, something
To free you from your prison.
You look up, and our eyes meet, and
Suddenly, it's like someone has thrown a chain around
Our hearts, linking us together.
I walk over to your cage and kneel in front,
Placing my hand on the glass, and
You jump up and rub your head against it.
The thin glass cannot break the connection,
A bond we suddenly formed,
And it felt like nothing could tear us apart.
I sit there, thinking of all the possibilities,
Giving you a wonderful home,
And my other cat, Phoebe, a playmate.
I can't help think you'd be perfect for her,
Get her to play and keep her entertained
When I am away.
I could give you the best home ever,
Where you could live in peace
:iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 3 1
Earth Week - Friday by TheVampiricNazi Earth Week - Friday :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 0 0 Earth Week - Thursday by TheVampiricNazi Earth Week - Thursday :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 2 0 Earth Week - Wednesday by TheVampiricNazi Earth Week - Wednesday :iconthevampiricnazi:TheVampiricNazi 0 1



.::Love Me Cancerously::.
United States
Current Residence: In my bat cave
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative, Emo, Screamo, Metal, Punk, etc.
Favourite photographer: Nicki and Shayna.
Operating System: Dell PC, Windows 2000
MP3 player of choice: iPod Video
Shell of choice: o.O Like from Mario or something?
Wallpaper of choice: Your mother\'s left kidney.
Skin of choice: PURPLEZ?
Favourite cartoon character: Woody the Woodpecker, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Breakfast Monkey, Shnitzel (Chowder)
Personal Quote: \
  • Listening to: Caress Me Down - Sublime

I'm moving to another account, for I feel I have outgrown this one. I just need to start over, ya know?

So if you want to stay friends or just want to see some new art by me, then add this account to your watch list:


It's empty right now, but it will soon be up and running like this one.

This (:iconthevampiricnazi:) account will still run and have all my deviations on it for those of you who liked them, but I will not post anything new here or update this journal anymore.

I appreciate all of you who have watched me, commented me, liked my work, didn't like my work, helped me through hard times, gave me constructive criticism on my art, or just even took the time to look at my profile.

You all are amazing! :heart: :heart: :heart: =D


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